In the heart of the Western Catskill Mountains is Wolf Hollow Camp.  A labor of love brought to life by Gary Feazell, a Brooklyn based figurative artist and clothing designer.  

After years camping on this beautiful wild land, enjoying the solitude of the majestic pine forest, the resonating sounds of the crickets and frogs mixed with the trickling streams and playful waterfall, I wanted to create an experience so that others could enjoy this special place as I do.

The wall tents provide luxury shelter while maintaining a close bond with nature.  The elevated platforms create the perfect seat to watch nature at its finest.  Relax and enjoy yourself in these custom built canvas cabins set upon cedar platforms and outfitted with wood burning stoves, cafe tables and soft queen size beds.

The experience is catered so that you may spend more time relaxing.  Coffee and tea waiting for you when you awake.  Fires will be made upon request for your enjoyment.  There are grills with complimentary charcoal at each platform if you prefer to cook your own food, or spend your evenings in the beautiful town of Andes enjoying the local fare.  

There are 40 acres of undeveloped land to explore. Spend the day hiking up the mountainside or mushroom foraging in the pine forest. Take a dip in the crisp stream, splash around in the small noisy waterfall or climb into a hammock with a good book.

Wolf Hollow Camp is off the grid.  There is a small generator in each cabin to provide light and charging stations.  The outdoor shower is spring fed and battery powered propane heat. The toilets are composting and at night the forest is lit with USB charged lanterns.  

The tent names are given from the language of the Lenni-Lenapi indians who inhabited this countryside long ago. 

TËME (pronounced tuh-may) means Wolf

PËLE (pronounced pa-lay) means Turkey

SIPU (pronounced see-po) means Creek